A homemade wooden jig for carving lovespoons by hand.

We’ve been working on ways of speeding up production of our new ‘Lovespoons’. They’re a normal, wooden spoon, but with a super-special, hand-carved end.

A pair of crossed, wooden spoons with pink and orange heart shaped ends.

At first, we marked the heart shape with a pencil and labouriously tapered the sides to meet this new end shape, with a hand-held scalpel and sandpaper. TOO time consuming. So Steve’s come up with one of his cute jigs, made out of workshop detritus, which holds the spoons safely as he scrapes and whittles.

Sketch showing Steve Bretland's design for the Modern Welsh Love spoon

These days the ends now show nice, faceted whittling marks, which let you know this was not made by a robot in a factory! We’ve painted the heart-shaped ends with bright orange and bubblegum pink paint. The spoons are sent from our North Wales studio, wrapped in tissue paper, with a simple gift tag. (UPDATE: and now ribbon!)

Two wooden spoons with orange and pink painted ends and gift tags.

A modern, practical take on the purely decorative Welsh token of love, the elaborately carved, traditional lovespoon.